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Trio Morvan 6th March 2018

Morvan Tunes Workshop 6.00-7.15 pm

The Gregson Centre, 33 Moorgate, Lancaster LA1 3PY

Join us to play some traditional and modern music from the Morvan. The workshop will be led by Sébastien Lagrange and the tunes will taken from the following list, click on the link on the link for the sheet music if you want to have a play through before the workshop, or listen to the videos which I found on google, they don't match the dots exactly but are in the right keys!

Valse des Sapins (Sébastien Lagrange)  Video

Mazurka de Bison (Sébastien Lagrange) Video

Scottish du tienne de la barrée (Trad) Video (second tune, from 1:29)

Bourrée valsee des galvachers de-chateau chinon (Trad)  Video

Bourrée de Chiddes (Trad)   Video

There will be an additional Morvan bourrée which will be taught by ear (the traditional way!).

Sébastien also sent this great tune  Scottish du Armargh  which we probably won't have time for, see him playing it here.

Then stay for 

Lancaster Eurodance 8.00-11.00 pm

The following is our plan for the evening:

8.00-9.00pm  Morvan dances workshop

9.00-10.00pm Bal/Concert with Trio Morvan

10.00-11.00pm Music and Dance Session