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We dance to live music played on acoustic instruments, expect to hear any or all of fiddles, accordions, hurdy-gurdies, recorders, bagpipes, pipe and tabor and nyckelharpas.

We welcome new musicians to join us and play during the evening.

During the first part of the evening we play the music required by the dance teachers, and we'll need to be able to start/stop and change speed as required.

Later on we will play complete tunes for dancing, and the musicians get to play what they like, although we do get requests of course. We have made a tunebook which contains most of the popular tunes, you can usually borrow a copy and sometimes there are copies availabe to buy at cost.  A selection of tunes we play can be found in the PDF file  Eurodance-2.0-trad  this shorter version excludes modern tunes that have copyright restrictions.     If you already play repertoire suitable for bal-folk dancing you are welcome to play your own tunes, the assembled company may join in if they can.